1965, BSA C15 FT Trials Pastoral

to become a Cafe Pit bike


1965 BSA C15FT ( Trials Pastoral)

BSA only made a street legal Trials bike in 1965 and 1966.  We have a complete one here that we have been waiting for engine parts for  before we got started on bringing sone cafe style to this old sheep herder.

Once I saw this C15 Starfire Cafe bike I knew what this bike was destined to be a cafe bike.

When I got the bike, It was a complete numbers matching frame engine and transmission bike but in pieces, the engine was apart, and they couldn't locate a piston for it so it just sat there collecting dust.

I started cleaning up the cylinder and head  mic’d the cylinder walls and found out that they were .050 over standard and no +.060 pistons are available for the 250 BSA so its back to square one and start over.   I found a Standard piston that was 10:1 compression higher than the 8:1 that was originally in it but it will give it a little more kick.  Now that I have a piston in hand the Cylinder will go out to have a new sleeve pressed in.

I found this BSA 44 petrol tank that is in good shape,  once its polished up it will make a nice addition to the Cafe transformation.